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  1- A/an
  2- Verb 'To Be"
  3- This, That, These, Those
  4- Capital Letters
  5- Prepositions in, on, at,
  6- Irregular Verbs
  7- The Plural Of Nouns
  8- Have got, has got
  9- Subject and Object Pronouns
  10- Directions
  11- Some and Any
  12- Must and Mustn't
  13- Adjectives
  14- Gerunds
  15- Frequency Adverbs
  16- Would like - want
  17- Conditionals - Type 1
  18- Imperatives
  19- Simple Present Tense 1
  20- Simple Present Tense 2
  21- Simple Present Tense 3
  22- Simple Past Tense 1
  23- Simple Past Tense 2
  24- Present Continuous Tense
  25- Present Perfect Tense 1
  26- Present Perfect Tense 2
  27- Be Going To
  28- Will and Shall
  29- So because
  30- a.m - p.m

SIMPLE PAST: BE (I was, they were)

1- We form the Past Simple of be like this. Geçmiş zaman Be fiili aşağıdaki gibi kullanılır.




I was happy.

I wasn't happy.

Was I happy?

You were sad.

You weren't a teacher.

Were you sad?

He was tired.

He wasn't tired.

Was he tired?

She was excited.

She wasn't excited.

Was she excited?

It was hungry.

It wasn't hungry.

Was it hungry?

We were in Bodrum.

We weren't in Bodrum.

Were we in Bodrum?

They were burglars.

They weren't burglars.

Were they burglars?

Here are some examples with was and were: İşte was ve were ile ilgili birkaç örnek cümle:
  • I was in New York last week.

  • We were at home yesterday evening.

  • They weren't late this morning.

  • Was it a good film?

  • 2- We use was/were when we are talking about the past. Look at these examples: Geçmişten bahsediyorken was/were kullanırız. Bu örneklere bakınız:

    a) was/were + facts about the past: was/were + geçmiş ile ilgili gerçekler:
  • John F. Kennedy was an American president.

  • Our first house was in the centre of town.

  • A: Were your answers correct?
    No, they were all wrong!

  • b) was/were + place and time: was/were + yer ve zaman:

       + PLACE + TIME
    We were in Spain in June
    She wasn't at home last night

    c) was/were + adjective (e.g. cold, tired): was/were + sıfat (örn. soğuk, yorgun):
  • It was cold yesterday.

  • They were tired after the journey.

  • The train was late again this morning.

  • A: Were your exams easy?
        B: The first exam was easy, but the second one wasn't.


    A- Simple Present Tense cümlelerini örnekteki gibi Simple Past Tense'e cevirerek yeniden yazınız.
    0- I'm at home.
    1- Jane and Micheal are tired.
    2- She's in the park.
    3- It's a sunny day.
    4- You're late.
    5- I'm thirsty.
    6- They aren't hungry.
    7- You aren't at school.
    8- We aren't at work.
    9- Paula isn't happy.
    10- Everyone is excited.

    B- Mary spent last weekend in Madrid. Ask her some question using was or were.

    0- (your hotel/good?).
    1- (your room/comfortable?.
    2- (the weather nice?)
    3- (the streets/full of people?).
    4- (the shops/expensive)
    5- (the city/exciting at night?)
    6- (the museum/interesting?)
    7- (the people/friendly?)
    8- (your flight/OK?)

    C- George and Sally have been married for 50 years.
    They are talking about their first house.
    Use was or were and a word from the box to complete their conversation.

    Example (Örnek) :

    George: The house was warm.
    Sally: No, it

    1- George: The garden was small.
    Sally: No, it
    2- George: The neighbours were French.
    Sally: No, they
    3- George: The living-room was red.
    Sally: No, it
    4- George: Our first chairs were expensive.
    Sally: No, they
    5- George: The kitchen was old.
    Sally: No, it
    6- George: The local shops were good.
    Sally: No, they

    D- Put was, wasn't, were, or weren't in the gaps in these conversations.
    Example (Örnek) :

    Peter:(0) Paul at work today.
    Julie: No, he (1) in the office. I think he's sick.
    Henry:(2) you in South America last year?
    Steve: Yes, I (3) in Bolivia on business,
    and then my wife and I (4) in Brazil for a holiday.
    Paula: Philip and I (5) at home in London last week.
    We (6) at Mike's house in Cornwall.
    It was lovely there. Do you know Mike?
    Jane: Yes, I (7) at Mike's party in Oxford in the summer.
    8() you there?
    Paula: No, we weren't there.
    Philip and I (9) in Portugal in the summer.


    C: 1- was big 2- were Italian, 3- was green , 4- were cheap, 5- was new , 6- were bad ,
    D: 1- wasn't 2- were, 3- was, 4- were , 5- weren't , 6- were , 7- was, 8- were , 9- were,



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