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  1- A/an
  2- Verb 'To Be"
  3- This, That, These, Those
  4- Capital Letters
  5- Prepositions in, on, at,
  6- Irregular Verbs
  7- The Plural Of Nouns
  8- Have got, has got
  9- Subject and Object Pronouns
  10- Directions
  11- Some and Any
  12- Must and Mustn't
  13- Adjectives
  14- Gerunds
  15- Frequency Adverbs
  16- Would like - want
  17- Conditionals - Type 1
  18- Imperatives
  19- Simple Present Tense 1
  20- Simple Present Tense 2
  21- Simple Present Tense 3
  22- Simple Past Tense 1
  23- Simple Past Tense 2
  24- Present Continuous Tense
  25- Present Perfect Tense 1
  26- Present Perfect Tense 2
  27- Be Going To
  28- Will and Shall
  29- So because
  30- a.m - p.m


IMPERATIVE   (Go, Don't go)

1- These are imperatives: Bunlar emir cümleleridir.
Go. Help. Come. Wait.
We use the imperatives like this: Emir cümlerini bu şekilde kullanırız:
Come in! Have a cup of tea.
Turn left at the post office.
Don't touch! It's hot.

Note that sometimes the imperatives are one word, but often we give more information:
Dikkat ediniz emir cümleleri bazen tek bir kelimedir fakat genelde biz daha fazla bilgi veririz.
Help me!
Help me with my suitcase.

We can say please after an imperative to be more polite:
Daha nazik olmak için emir cümlerinin sonunda Please kullanırız.
Help me with my suitcase, please.
Hurry up, please. We're late.
Come here, please.
Listen to me, please.

2- We use Do not or Don't like this: Olumsuz emir cümlelerini bu şekilde kullanırız.
Don't be late.
Don't forget your books!
Don't wait for me.

We normally use the short form Don't

3- We use the imperative: Emir cümlerini kullanırız:
  • to give instructions:
  • Talimatlar vermek için
    Turn right at he corner.
    Don't forget your passport.

  • to give warnings:
  • Uyarılar vermek için
    Look out! There's a car coming.
    Be careful! That box is too heavy.

  • To give advice:
  • Öğüt vermek için
    Have a rest. You look tired.
    Take a coat. It's cold today.
    Don't see that film. It's terrible!

  • to ask people to do things:
  • İnsanlardan birşey yapmalarını istemek için
    Come in please, and sit down.
    Listen to this song. It's wonderful.
    Pass the butter, please.

  • to make offers:
  • Teklifler yapmak için
    Have another orange juice.
    Make yourself a cup of coffee.

  • to 'wish' things:
  • Birşeyler dilemek için
    Have a good trip!
    Have a nice holiday!


    A. Test. Boşluğa hangi emir cümleri gelmelidir?
    1. ........... for me. I'm not coming tonight.
    ADon't forget    BDon't wait    CDon't listen to me    DDon't be late    
    2. ............. an umbrella with you. It's raining.
    AOpen     BCome     CPass     DTake    
    3. ........... a rest. You look tired.
    ACatch     BTake     CHave     DCome    
    4................ at the end of the road.
    ATurn left     BCome in     CHelp me!     DStop the car!    
    5. ............. to take your passport.
    ADon't listen     BDon't be late     CDon't forget     DDon't listen    
    6.............. There's a cat in the road.
    ADon't be late!     BStop the car!     CTurn right!     DOpen the door!    
    7. ............. to my party, please.
    ADon't wait     BDon't listen     CPass     DCome    
    8. ............. the salt, please.
    ATake     BPass     CCatch     DCome    
    9. ............. The bus leaves at 9 o'clock.
    ADon't be late!     BStop the car!     CHelp me!     DDon't talk!    
    10. ............. the first train in the morning.
    AHave     BTurn left     CCatch     DOpen    

    B- Steven is writing a letter to a friend. Find the suitable verbs.

    20, Sea Parade

    Dear Paul,

    0 and see me next weekend. I'm staying in a house by the sea. Don't 1 to bring your swimming trunks with you! It isn't difficult to find the house. When you get to the crossroads in the town, 2 right and drive to the end of the road. 3 careful because it is a dangerous road! 4 some warm clothes with you because it is cold in the evenings here. If I am not at home when you arrive, don't 5 for me. The key to the house is under the big white stone in the garden. 6 the front door and 7 yourself a cup of tea in the kitchen! 8 a good journey!

    Best Wishes,



    B: 1- forget 2- turn , 3- be , 4- bring, 5- wait , 6- open , 7- make , 8- have ,



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