Nasraddin Hodja
Nasraddin Hodja, the master of Turkish humorists, lived in Aksehir between 1208-1285. He had taken medrese education (Muslim logic school) and he self-educated himself. There are limited information about his historical character but we can understand that he is a philosopher from what had been told for ages. His humour instead of making it, by sharing his life with the ones around him. Nasreddin Hodja constitued new humour stories were created for ages and by this, his humour reached today as vived as yesterday.

Nasraddin Hodja Jokes


About Nasraddin Hodja

Nasreddin Hodja is Turkey's best-known trickster. His legendary wit and droll trickery were possibly based on the exploits and words of a historical imam. Nasreddin reputedly was born in 1208 in the village of Horto near Sivrihisar.

In 1237 he moved to Aksehir, where he died in the Islamic year 683 (1284 or 1285). As many as 350 anecdotes have been attributed to the Hodja, as he most often is called. Hodja is a title meaning teacher or scholar.

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